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Armor Truck Scales

Click to Download Brochure EPR Low-Profile Pitless Scale
Over 70 years of scale design expertise are incorporated into these scales. The interlocking yoke and pin design means fast, "No-Bolt" assembly. The EPR allows easy access to load cells and wiring makes installation and maintenance a snap. Installation is not only fast and easy, but also inexpensive. Select from a wide variety of popular capacities and platform sizes available (listed on back) in both Cardinal's checkered steel deck or the pour-in-place concrete deck models.

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Click to Download Brochure EPR-LF Portable Low-Profile Scale
This self-contained portable ground hugger scale is the answer for a weighing system that can be moved efficiently from site to site. Great for quarries, sand and gravel companies, logging companies or any other application that must relocate equipment from time to time. The EPR-LF is contained in modules with lifting eyes for easy moving, and features a 5/16" checkered steel deck.

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Click to Download Brochure PRC Low-Profile Pitless Scale
The Cardinal PRC Series is a low-profile, full electronic truck scale. The high capacity PRC's rigid design prevents excessive movement, ensuring long lasting reliabiltiy and accuracy in high traffic installations. The PRC is available in concrete or steel decks, and a variety of capacities.

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Click to Download Brochure SRC Concrete Pit Scale
Simple pit installation permitted through the use of Cardinal load cells makes the Cardinal Electronic Pit Type Motor Truck Scale a very practical method of weighing any vehicle. The weighbridge is supported by heavy capacity load cells for quick and accurate weighing of the truck and its cargo.

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Click to Download Brochure SRL/ASRL Electro-Mechanical Pit and Axle Load
Cardinal's SRL electro-mechanical pit type truck scale and ASRL axle load scale are designed for fixed installation in a concrete pit. Since its introduction, Cardinal has continued to modernize and improve its design: only four main levers with one transverse lever on the four section scale and two main levers withone transverse lever on the two section scale.

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Click to Download Brochure PRL/PSRL Mechanical, Self-Contained
Cardinal's PRL Series heavy duty, self-contained mechanical truck scales are made for endurance and accuracy. Tandem units are simply composed of two or more scales of the same or different platform lengths tandem-connected for greater capacity. When split, each unit is a self-contained scale in itself, offering 3-in-1 scale flexibility. The 5/16" full checkered steel deck plate is standard and an optional wood deck is also available (PSRL models).

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Click to Download Brochure 760PS/PA Portable Electronic Axle Scale
Cardinal's completely portable, two-module axle load scale gives you the performance you need, where you need it and when you need it. A real lightweight (only 400 lbs per aluminum platform) that handles the heavyweights (60,000 lbs capacity). Each scale comes complete with either steel or aluminum ramps, NEMA 4 junction box, environmentally-protected stainless steel load cells, and four access ramps.

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Click to Download Brochure Weigh-In-Motion Screening Scales
Cardinal offers both quartz and load cell sensor based WIM scales and systems suitable for use in a wide variety of applications. Applications ranging from highway weigh stations and ports of entry for enforcement purposes to mainline applications for data collection/traffic flow studies, or for streamlined CVO. The system also includes a comprehensive and flexible software package capable of providing virtually any output format you desire.

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Click to Download Brochure Unattended Weighing Operations
Cardinal Scale's unattended systems provide an effective solution for unmanned vehicle weight management that is fast, accurate and easy to operate. Featuring the model 777 or 788 programmable indicators with truck storage software in a weatherproof outdoor enclosure, the system is available with barcode badge reader or proximity badge reader, and/or ticket printer.

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Click to Download Brochure The Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scale
Hydraulic loads cells are the most rugged and long-lasting weighing device available in the scale market. Cardinal's extensive truck scale experience has culminated in developing The Guardian Hydraulic Truck Scale, the most dependable truck scale you can buy. Cardinal's Guardian Hydraulic Tuck Scales are ideal for the solid waste, aggregate, chemical, grain, and construction industries because they offer a high level of protection against many of the conditions that can adversely affect truck scale installations.

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