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Weight Software

Click to Download Brochure iSite Remote Monitoring Software
Cardinal's iSite software and hardware facilitates electronic communications from dealer or support locations to iCan scale sites. The communications can be performed via network TCP/IP connections, direct serial port connections, or dial-up modem connections.

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Click to Download Brochure WinVRS-LT Vehicle Recording System
WinVRS-LT Vehicle Recording Software will add efficiency to your truck scale operation at an economical price. WinVRS-LT’s easy-to-use Windows®-based system allows for multiple operators and is versatile enough to provide detailed reports on vehicles and materials weighed.

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Click to Download Brochure WinVRS Vehicle Recording System
Optimized for Windows 2000 and XP®, Cardinal's powerful WinVRS software keeps traffic moving over your scale by providing fast, accurate collection of data on vehicles, accounts, orders, and materials. Unique, user-defined fields allow you to easily configure the system to meet your needs. A wide range of reports are available to provide period histories, material totals, customer information and more.

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Click to Download Brochure WinDDE
Cardinal's WinDDE 2.0 Server communicates with up to 20 weight indicators attached to a computer. Weight indicators may be connected using standard computer serial ports or via ethernet using TCP/IP. The weight and status of the weight indicators is made available to spreadsheets, databases, and industrial control applications by means of Dynamic Data Exchange, or NetDDE for networked computers.

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